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The greatest gift is (on) a Card!

Annually the Dutch spend approximately €1 billion on gift cards and gift certificates. It is a product which is appreciated by both the giver and the recipient, and the freedom of choice is enjoyed  by both.  The wide variety of gift cards assures you of the perfect gift, with flexibility and exciting choices.  In the last few years, this market has shown exceptional growth in the Netherlands.

Gift cards in the Netherlands are easily obtainable in convenience stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and, of course, online.

Knowledge and experience

GivaCard has operated in the gift card market for nearly 10 years now. Our vision is that gift cards must be obtainable conveniently, at all times, and at many outlets. To this end, we have built an extensive sales network in which we work together with organisations like supermarkets, petrol stations, convenience stores, web shops and logistics companies. This works two ways: Firstly, we sell the gift cards of different card partners throughout our network. Secondly, we offer shop owners and retail chains the opportunity to launch a new product category and sell gift cards direct from the stores. Click here for more information on our services.


The boekenbon (the book gift card) is Netherlands largest gift card. “Two years ago we replaced our paper gift certificate with an electronic gift card. The introduction of the electronic gift card in the Netherlands now connects both retail chains and individual shops and was successfully carried out in close co-operation with GivaCard employees, Piet Jan van Es , Marketing Manager of the Boekenbon.”

Types of Gift Cards

Gift cards are divided into two main categories “open loop” or “network” cards and “closed loop” cards. The former are issued by banks, credit card companies, or other overarching card issuing organisations and can be redeemed by different establishments, the latter by a specific store or restaurant and can be only redeemed by the issuing provider.

From experience to department store

The variety of gift cards in The Netherlands is extremely diverse. They vary from lifestyle experiences to department store gift cards. Therefore, it is possible to find and give a fitting gift card for every occasion.

Examples of closed loop gift cards are gift cards for shopping malls, retail chains or webshops e.g. Prenatal gift card or Media Market gift card and online the gift card. Examples closed loop gift cards which are sold worldwide are the iTunes and Spotify gift card.

Open loop cards can be segmented into many categories:

  • industry or branch focused gift cards like the dutch book gift card, the sauna gift card, flower gift card (Fleurop).
  • experiences; High tea for two (Giftfor2), Wanago, Bongo and many more.
  • Ticket gift cards: for entrance to zoo’s, theme parks, cinema’s etc.

Validity of gift cards

The validity of gift cards can vary per type of gift card. If you receive a gift card, make sure you check the expiry date online to avoid disappointment should you try and redeem it after the expiry date.

In most cases the validity period will be printed on the back of the card. The activation date and time of the card is the start of the validity period. If a card does not mention a validity period, often a reference is made to this in the general terms and conditions of the card which can be found on the website of the card issuer.

Gift cards are not exchangeable for money, but cards can be used to purchase such a wide diversity of products in participating outlets and online stores, so that you will always find an appropriate gift.

The greatest gift is (on) a Card

Check your gift card balance

Do you want to know the balance of your gift card? Please go to the balance checker on

If your card number is not recognised, please check the website of the card issuer.

Sell your gift card

GivaCard has an extensive on- and offline sales & distribution network. GivaCard sells gift cards of more than 40 card issuers in more than 6000 physical locations in the Netherlands. We also distribute gift cards online to the following leading Dutch web shops for gift cards:,,  and

Card as (Christmas) gift or incentive

Do you want to surprise your employees or loyal customers with a special, but flexible (Christmas) gift or incentive? What about a gift card! The Gift Card offers freedom of choice and therefore a gift which is always a perfect one.  At your request, we can take care of the procedure and send the cards on your behalf to you or the customers/employees home address, by mail.